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I & K Imports was established in 1996 by a husband and wife.

In 1993, the couple immigrated from their hometown of New Delhi, India to Edmonton, Canada. After some initial struggle, they combined their passion for business and their eye for fashion and established I & K Imports in 1996. The business arose and flourished from the Jeune Jeunesse brand, which is an ethnic-inspired fashion line of dresses that portray a fusion of western and eastern cultures. Today, the line has evolved and includes trendy and chic dress-wear and lies as the foundation of I & K Imports.

Over the years, the company has expanded its horizons and has introduced several new designs and brands to its collection. To open its collection to men, I & K Imports introduced K'war a line of summer shorts designed for men of all ages. To complement this line - Hawaiian Punch was created a line of chic swimwear for women.

Once I & K Imports had been established as a high quality clothing company, with the newest and most stylish designs" the owners decided to go one step further and added an ensemble of accessories to enrich their clothing collection. J.J's footwear - a line of sandals designed to encompass style and comfort and J.J's accessories - an assortment of beach bags, were introduced.

I & K Imports Inc. is dedicated to consistently updating their lines and introducing the latest trends, which keeps them in competition with Canada's fashion industry.
Jeune Jeunesse is I & K Imports' foundational clothing line. It is a fusion fashion line, inspired by eastern and western cultures. It encompasses trendy and chic dress-wear with styles appealing to the modern woman. Whether you're looking for a stylish dress for a casual day out or something classy for the evening Jeune Jeunesse will not fail to impress.
Tropical Summer is a vibrant line of resort and beachwear, ranging from shorts to dresses to rompers (and everything beyond) - ideal for hot summer days! This vivacious clothing line encompasses our love for the heat with our passion for style!
J.J's Footwear is a high quality brand of sandals that encompasses style with comfort. It includes comfort flats and sandals for casual day-to-day wear that will complement any outfit, embroidered formal sandals to add elegance to any classy evening and a new line of massage sandals with embedded nodules that stimulate pressure points in reflex areas of your feet, which will definitely make you feel like you are "walking on the clouds".